Hi, welcome to my pictures site. For a long time I was a Flickr happy user, then I moved to Instagram because of the social media. and finally I got tired of it and I moved to self-hosting the pictures I want to share with the world. This is the last version of that effort. I hope you enjoy your visit, please don’t be shy and share a comment on Twitter or my website contact form.


2020-2 | WeCode

conference | My first Elastic workshop was at this very hands on conference in Valladolid


2020-2 | FOSDEM

conference | Attended for the first time this huge FOSS conference in Brussels


2020-1 | Malta

trip | A new years trip to Malta, visiting Valetta, Mdina, Gonzo island

Engineering All Hands

2019-11 | Engineering All Hands

work | Elastic EAH at Toronto was my first company event

PyCon Alicante

2019-10 | PyCon Alicante

conference | My first Spanish PyCon was near my place at Alicante

Elastic X-School

2019-9 | Elastic X-School

work | Trip to San Francisco for the Elastic on-boarding week


2019-8 | Japan

trip | Our trip to Japan: Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Tokyo, Niko


2019-8 | Chromebook

blog | Pictures for a blog post about my Chromebook


2019-7 | Karyam

trip | Sailing and dolphins observation trip with the Karyam ship


2019-6 | Geopaella

meetup | Geoinquietos annual paella in Descubre l'Horta

Geocamp Valencia

2019-6 | Geocamp Valencia

conference | Annual Geocamp Conference was held in Museu de L'Horta, Torrent

SIG Libre

2019-5 | SIG Libre

conference | Spanish Open Source Software for Geomatics conference


2019-5 | Roadtrip

trip | A roadtrip through the south of Spain: Córdoba, Cádiz, Málaga, and Cartagena


2019-1 | Tortosa

trip | Short weekend trip to this Catalonian city

Arcos de Salinas

2018-11 | Arcos de Salinas

trip | Weekend trip to this Teruel region


2018-10 | Magaluf

trip | Weekend trip to Mallorca island, staying in Magaluf

Naukas Valladolid

2018-9 | Naukas Valladolid

trip | Weekend in Valladolid to attend Naukas science talks and visit local friends


2018-6 | Geopaella

meetup | Geoinquietos annual paella in Descubre l'Horta


2018-5 | Orienteering

meetup | Geoinquietos Valencia organized a multimodal orienteering: running, cycling, and on public transport


2018-3 | Scotland

trip | Trip to visit a friend at Manchester and then spend a few days up in Scotland